Welcome Reverend Lisa Busby!


The yoked parishes of Christ Church and St. John's found an Episcopal Priest to lovingly lead us in doing God's work in this majestic area of His creation.  The relationship between the two parishes is strong and mutually respectful.  Members of the congregations are great friends and family.  We work together on fundraising, Lenten study, spiritual growth, and sometimes, just get together for coffee or pizza.  The relationship carries over into the community insofar that the local school district encompasses the two towns of Cape Vincent and Clayton.  Members have gone to school together, worked together, and socialized together for years. 


God has blessed us with a wonderful priest in answer to our desire to call a priest to St. John's who will love us and help us to love others as Jesus Christ exemplified.  We aim to be inclusive and welcoming, thoughtful and informed, as we do God's work together.